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Advice for In-House Graphic Designers

Advice for In House Graphic Designers
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In House Graphic Designers may or may not want to become freelancer graphic designers or own their own design agency one day. So in this video I speak to the 9 to 5 Graphic Designer and talk about how you can be successful in your design career working for a company.

Many new Designers don’t understand what working as a Graphic Designer is really like when you do it at a company. You need to have a process for being as efficient as possible. Get organized, collect assets, learn shortcuts and establish workflows.

If you work at a company as a Graphic Designer this is what is known as being an In House Graphic Designer. This means you work for a traditional company as an employee rather than a contractor and that you’re not necessarily working for an Ad Agency.

You should have a basic career plan as a Graphic Designer for your salary and promotions and what title you want to ultimately end up with. You need to not only work hard at your current position but look constantly for opportunities.

Network with other designers, agencies and even recruiters so if your In House Design position doesn’t work out for one reason or another, you can work as a Graphic Designer for another company relatively quickly rather than sitting in employment limbo.

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