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How to Run a Q&A Session Using Google Hangouts on Air – SPI TV, Ep. 7

One of the best things you can do to provide massive value for your audience is to conduct a free Q&A session using Google Hangouts on Air. Not only is it free for your audience to join, but it’s practically free for you to run as well.

While this is a good opportunity for your audience to ask questions and learn even more from you, it’s an extremely golden opportunity for you as well.

A Q&A session will help you become more authoritative in your niche. As someone who is fielding questions and answering them live, it puts you even more in the expert’s chair

Additionally, it creates an “enhanced experience” for your audience – something above and beyond the normal reader/listener/viewers experience, like an event or a gig that your audience can look forward to. It becomes another touch point between you and those in your audience, and the more touch points you have, the more trust you build.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to hear directly from your audience, and even have a conversation with them to better understand their pains, problems, wants, needs and desires. If you’re wondering exactly what to create content about, giving your audience a fun, open forum to ask questions can be the perfect way for you to understand what to do next. You may even discover your next product or course idea here as well!

In Episode 7 of SPI TV, I’ll walk you step by step how to setup your next Google Hangout on Air Q&A session, schedule it for a later date, start it and run it with some cool applications like the Q&A application, showcase, and more!

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