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How to Make Money on YouTube Selling Merchandise

How to Make Money on YouTube Selling Merchandise You can Monetize Your YouTube channel with Merch instead of just Adsense and make some additional revenue.

Selling Merchandise on YouTube is harder than it sounds. You have to sell quite a bit of Merch to make any significant money. However if you have a strong enough of brand and a loyal audience there could be some real money in selling your merchandise on YouTube and that doesn’t mean that you can sell it elsewhere.

One of the best ways to plug your Merchandise in YouTube is to take advantage of annotations and and the new YouTube Cards feature to let viewers click through you videos to your merchandise and buy it.

This will be easier if you are selling your Merchandise on your own site or one of the YouTube approved merch sites like Cafe Press, or Spreadshirt.

There are all kinds of Merchandise you can sell on YouTube to make money including Tshirts like mine, posters, mugs, buttons and jewelry. Try out different merch strategies and try doing your own product placement in videos and let you fans know they can buy your Merchandise and help out your channel!

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