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Basic Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial for Bginners

Basic Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial
Video Editing In Premiere Pro can be challenging. In this Adobe Premiere Tutorial you’ll learn basic video editing techniques and tools.

This Premiere Pro Video Editing Tutorial is Sponsored by VideoBlocks!

In this Adobe Premiere Tutorial I walk you through the basics of editing a video, including adding background music B-Roll Footage, how to create good transitions and where you can get great stock footage and audio royalty free for your videos!

Video Editing can be intimidating but if you follow some of these basic steps you will find yourself able to make your video editing workflow go a lot faster and more smoothly.

For the stock footage not shot on my DSLR Camera is used Video Blocks and for the music I used Audio Blocks, I have links to a free trial down below. Be sure to cancel before the 7 days or you will automatically be enrolled to the monthly subscription.

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