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This One Weird Habit Will Turn Your Life Around with Mel Robbins & Marie Forleo

Do you wake up tired? Sluggish? Unmotivated? Life doesn’t have to feel so grueling — and Mel Robbins is here to help you STOP doing things the hard way. She’s the author and speaker who broke self-publishing records with her first book, “The 5 Second Rule,” which helped us all get out of bed. And now she’s back with “The High 5 Habit” that’ll unlock your energy and potential, if you let it.

In this #MarieTV, you’ll learn the right — and wrong — ways to manifest your heart’s desires, why neurobics are more important than vitamins, and how to get your inner critic shut up already.

Watch now and discover the one weird little success habit that puts *you* back in control of your life.
(Mel Robbins does this EVERY morning, and now I do, too!)

#MarieTV #MarieTVInterviews #MelRobbins

C’mon over to where we answer your follow-up questions after the episode.

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