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Hostinger cPanel Hosting

Get your cPanel hosting plan on Hostinger 👉 web hosting
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In this Hostinger Academy video, we will go over Hostinger cPanel hosting options. Hostinger offers both dedicated cPanel hosting plans as well as the ability to set up cPanel on VPS. This video will cover the pros and cons of both of these options and the setup process of a dedicated cPanel plan.

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🕒 Timestamps
00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Choosing a Hosting plan
01:45 – Why you should consider the VPS option
02:07 – Purchasing a cPanel plan
02:59 – Setting up your cPanel plan
03:49 – Hostinger cPanel plan Overview
05:49 – Final Words

🟣 Hostinger dedicated cPanel Hosting

There are two options you can choose from when going for a dedicated cPanel hosting plan on Hostinger. While both of them offer an extensive list of features, the Hostinger cPanel Silver plan is limited to hosting a single website at a time.

🟣 Why is cPanel hosting so popular?

cPanel is known for being easy to use, offering a variety of features that deal with files, MySQL, email, stats, and data tracking as well as SEO optimization. Hostinger cPanel web hosting is simple, clean, and has everything you need to ensure the best experience possible on your journey.

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