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Kali Linux Tutorial 2022 | Kali Linux For Beginners | Learn Kali Linux | Ethical Hacking|Simplilearn

In today’s video on Kali Linux Tutorial 2022, we cover all basics of kali Linux for beginners. We learn why one should use Kali Linux, and how ethical hacking helps organizations in strengthening their security index. We take a look at the different phases of penetration testing and some notable tools being used for ethical hacking campaigns. In our live demonstration video, we cover a number of industry-favored tools and uncover a bit about their usage and features. The topics to be covered in this video are:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:51 Why use Kali Linux?
00:04:48 What Is Kali Linux?
00:06:12 Five Stages of Penetration Testing
00:08:31 Best tools for Kali Linux
Live Demo
00:16:01 Terminal basics
00:31:03 Proxy chain
00:38:56 Running N Map scans
00:44:23 Wireshark sniffing
00:50:00 Learning about Metasploit
00:56:22 Gain root access windows 10 machine

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