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If You Struggle With Anxiety, This Trick Will Change Your Life | Gabby Bernstein

“I can’t go on like this.” After decades of spiritual teaching and 8 best-selling books under her belt, Gabby Bernstein uncovered a repressed childhood trauma that sent her reeling. Diagnosed with postpartum depression, anxiety, and insomnia, Gabby was determined to find healing — and make it accessible to everyone.

In this MarieTV, she shares 5 simple ways you can overcome fear and anxiety. You’ll learn six words that instantly calm your mind, the “hug” that regulates your nervous system, how to stop a panic attack, and how to soothe yourself in any circumstance.

If you struggle with anxiety, hit PLAY now because this conversation with Gabby Bernstein could change your life.

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C’mon over to where we answer your follow-up questions after the episode.

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