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How Charlie Published 1000 Articles and Achieved $5000/month Revenue in Just 1 Year

Today’s guest on The Niche Pursuit interview is website builder Charlie from the Passive Priority YouTube channel. Charlie works full-time in the finance industry and has been building websites since the start of the Covid pandemic — so, just shy of two years. 

His first website saw him publishing 500 articles in the first nine months, and the traffic started to come; however, in his admission, he realized that he had made some mistakes, so when starting his second site, he set out to learn from his errors and changed his process.

Better niche selection, keyword research, and finding better backlinks were top priorities; switching from affiliate to informational-based content was also part of the process.

Charlie walks us through his first site and tells us how he built the website, produced the content, and the reasons why he decided to switch his strategy with the second site.

As for the second site, it’s performing much better than the first. It’s just over a year old, has over 1000 articles published, and recently earned over $5000 in ad revenue from over 150,000 page views. 

Charlie’s story will probably give you the inspiration needed to get started if you’re undecided about creating a website. If you’ve already started, his tips and strategies are sure to help you out too.

During the interview, Charlie discusses:

– The process and strategy for the second website
– Mistakes he made with the first site.
– How he manages to produce that much content 
– Tips for finding and hiring writers on Upwork
– The importance of learning from your mistakes
– His earnings from the first and second website
– Creating a writing format for writers to follow
– The drop in traffic from a seasonal niche
– What motivated him to keep going
– His Keyword research process
– Logging articles to avoid overlapping keywords
– His link building approach

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