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Lead-Gen Playbook Webinar 3: “Pipelines – Visualize The Funnel”

Give your clients a visual representation of the sales process 🦾
Make the most of every opportunity with EVERY lead that comes in 🦾
Improve client satisfaction while maximizing revenue 🦾

With… *drumroll* 🥁
In this webinar, we will show you how 🙌

We will cover:
🚀 The importance of visibility
🚀 Creating Pipelines
🚀 How to structure a proper funnel
🚀 Expanded funnels
🚀 Successful opportunities

0:00 Intro
0:52 What Is A Pipeline?
1:54 Why Are Pipelines Important?
8:15 How To Create Pipelines
8:33 Traditional vs HL Pipelines
11:20 Avoid Bad Reporting
12:10 The Distribution Report
13:03 The Anatomy Of An Opportunity
16:46 Opportunity Statuses
21:28 Filters
21:50 Triggers
24:20 Fire Workflows
25:49 Bonus!

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