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Ultimate Self-Care REBOOT in Costa Rica | Marie Forleo Unplugged

You deserve a break. A real break. And BTW, showering and running errands does NOT count as self-care!

In this Marie Unplugged, you’ll come with me to the dreamiest wellness resort I’ve ever seen. Take a personal tour of my casita at Alta Garcia in Costa Rica; join me for horseback riding, rainforest hiking, the best cake I’ve ever tasted, and a whole lotta jungle therapy for my soul.

Click PLAY now and try to pick your jaw up off the floor.

And remember, making time for yourself isn’t just nice — it’s necessary for your well-being. Whether it’s a walk, a cup of tea and a candle, or an impromptu dance party in the kitchen, take a few precious minutes for YOU today.

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C’mon over to where we answer your follow-up questions after the episode.

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