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TikTok Marketing Tips: How to Get More Views, Followers & SALES

You’ll learn how to create videos that stand out, how to grow your following quickly, and the different ways you can use TikTok as a marketing tool. So if you’re ready to start seeing better results on TikTok, make sure to watch this video!

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Notion –
Prevent Competitors & Bots From Clicking on Ads:

Instagram: @zocomarketing
*Time Stamps*
0:00 Intro
1:13 How I went from 0 -10k Followers
4:37 Why TikTok Is such A powerful marketing tool
5:40 How to find Ideas for TikTok videos
10:10 Tiktok Hooks
12:17 The two metrics you should watch
15:26 How to Find Influencers on TikTok
17:54 TikTok Ads

We are affiliates for some of the brands mentioned on the channel. As an Amazon Associate and affiliate for other brands, I earn from qualifying purchases. I only recommend products I actually use, love, and think you would benefit from.
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