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How Alexis Grant Scaled Her Site to 460k Pageviews a Month Using SEO

Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits interview is former Penny Hoarder executive and successful business owner Alexis Grant.

Alexis started her career in journalism and launched her first business, a content marketing agency, in 2010. A short while later, the agency got acquired by the personal finance brand ‘The Penny Hoarder (yes, that one), where she became the 3rd employee responsible for content operations. 

During the chat, Alexis shares her thoughts on how her journalism background has helped her content writing. In addition, she talks about going from a flat newspaper writing tone to one that’s more suited to the online space.

Alexis tells Jarod (our host) about a side project she had in the background. As a result of leaving ‘The Penny Hoarder’ in 2019 and now armed with more time, Alexis dusted it off and concentrated on improving it.

The ‘Write Life’ (the project), was a blog for writers. She talks about what she did to get it to rank better in the search engines and how she increased traffic by around 80%.

Finally, we talk about her current website, ‘They Got Acquired.’

Alexis talks about how it came about, what the website does and how you can benefit from the site.

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Other things discussed during the interview:

– The story behind the ‘Penny Hoarder’ purchasing her site
– Growth strategies
– Headlines and why they’re so important
– Her thoughts on having a separate person publish the articles to WordPress — not the writers
– Scaling content and strategies used at The Penny Hoarder
– Creating checklists for the content team
– Training your team
– SEO tactics
– Updating old content
– Why she left the Penny Hoarder
– Repurposing, redirecting, and combining content after an audit

Alexis has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise. She has worked for one of the most significant websites around and built up successful businesses — it’s a pleasure to hear her story.

As always, sit back, enjoy and take notes.

Alexis Grant –
An SEO Playbook: How We Increased The Write Life’s Traffic to 460k Monthly Pageviews –
They Got Acquired –

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