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How Ted French Made $200,000 in 1 Year Using This Aged Domain Strategy

Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits interview is Ted French.

Ted is a website builder who has reached some significant success using aged domains.

It all started in 2015 when he flipped his first website on Flippa. He made a small profit from the sale which gave him the bug, belief, and confidence that he could build sites for a living. 

Today, he walks us through his first big profit sale and shares the strategies and steps he took to build and sell the site for over $200,000 dollars.

As mentioned, Ted likes to use aged domains, and his big sale was no different. He built it from scratch, produced all of the content himself, and sold it roughly 12 months later. 

Some of the things Ted highlights in his interview are how and where he acquires the aged domains. He also dives into how he evaluates the sites to see if the aged domain is working and what he does for the first few months with the website.

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Some of the other topics Ted French discusses during the chat include:
– Why he loves using aged domains
– Buying the domain name before they get deleted
– The best time to purchase domain names for the best results
– The minimum DA (domain authority) he looks for with a domain
– What makes him go all-in on a website
– How he does his keyword research
– The type of content he produces
– Content word length 
– Updating content
– Backlinking
– Writing content yourself until you can afford to outsource
– His thoughts on using redirects
– Staying in the broad niche

Ted has a straightforward strategy of buying an aged domain at a specific time and quickly getting the website back up and running to look like the old site. He then waits until one reacts well in the search engines and double downs on it with his system.

And it’s a really awesome strategy that if you follow and execute properly can drastically reduce the time it takes to start profiting from your site. 

You do not want to miss this one.

Ted shares the entire process and more, so get your pen and paper ready to take notes.

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