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Isabel Behncke — Lessons from Sex and Play, What We Can Learn from Bonobos and Chimpanzees, and More

Primatologist Isabel Behncke — What We Can Learn from Bonobos and Chimpanzees, Lessons from Sex and Play, Walking 3,000 Kilometers Through The Heart of Darkness, The Ape and the Sushi Master, and More | Brought to you by LMNT electrolyte supplement (, Athletic Greens all-in-one nutritional supplement (, and Headspace easy-to-use app with guided meditations (

Isabel Behncke (@IsabelBehncke) is a field primatologist and applied evolutionary ethologist who studies social behavior in animals (including humans) to understand our urgent challenges with each other and the planet.

Show notes:

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00:00 Start
00:03:02 Baco and Jiro
00:08:04 What is an applied evolutionary ethologist?
00:10:54 Lorenz vs. Skinner
00:14:04 The brilliance of consilience
00:14:29 Humboldt vs. Darwin and the origins of evolutionary thinking
00:26:06 Recent revolutionary thoughts about evolution
00:31:34 Complexity and niche construction
00:37:09 What’s more fun: a barrel of chimpanzees or a barrel of bonobos?
00:45:31 Chimpanzee geography
00:56:28 Magnificent bonobos
00:58:27 Female mammal problems and solutions
01:07:17 Sexual dimorphism
01:10:34 Avoiding naturalistic fallacies
01:12:13 How accurate is it to call the Congo the Heart of Darkness?
01:17:15 Why are the Japanese so interested in animal behavior?
01:20:37 Potato-washing monkeys
01:23:03 Why do breakthroughs seem to come in clusters?
01:28:06 Animals at play: the adaptive joker hypothesis
01:39:15 The overlap between flow states and play
01:42:06 What the natural world can teach humans about optimizing play
01:44:22 The everlasting tango between energy and time
01:48:02 Post-pandemic play
01:51:04 How much do we understand about the way animals communicate?
02:04:50 The drunken monkey hypothesis
02:06:27 Parting thoughts

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