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How Andrew Fiebert Earned $1.2 Million From a Site With Only 430 Posts

Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits interview is Andrew Fiebert. Andrew has a great story that began with the popular Listen Money Matters website and podcast.

Andrew explains to Jared (our host) how he almost accidentally got into affiliate marketing from working on the website and podcast. Learning from this experience, he now runs various website affiliate projects, which earns him some pretty serious money.

One of these projects has earned over 7-figures and reached 17.5 million people in just under five years from 430 posts. Andrew names the website and highlights the process involved in making it such a huge success.

Andrew’s passion for optimization shines through during the interview, and there’s a big focus on using the content already on your site to get better conversions and sales.

Some Of The Things Discussed By Andrew Fiebert Include:
– How to grow a website
– Building backlinks
– Choosing the best keywords
– How you can optimize your content using Google Analytics & Google Data Studio
– Content writing tips to bring higher conversions
– Finding keywords that encourage higher conversions
– The difficulty in being in a competitive niche
– Building a site in the gifting niche
– The importance of competition
– Tracking affiliate links
– How to understand your data clicks
Plus much more

This episode featuring Andrew Fiebert is a great listen for anyone; however, if you already have a website with content, you’ll probably love this interview even more, mainly because of his approach to optimization and focus.

Towards the end of the interview, Andrew talks about a product he created called Lasso.

Lasso helps you optimize your content to make passive income and is relevant to the tips and advice he gives out during the conversation with Jared.

As always, take notes and enjoy the episode.

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