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How to Learn to Code | Tips and Learning Resources

Find out how to learn to code in this video tutorial. Build your coding portfolio with Hostinger web hosting 👉
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For some, coding seems like a daunting activity. However, learning how to code can be a fun activity to do in your free time, but also a promising career. Follow this video tutorial to know the steps on how to learn to code.
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🕒 Timestamps

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Why Coding?

How to Learn Code
01:30 – Set Your Goals
02:04 – Learn Programming Languages
03:06 – Get to Know the Tools
03:42 – Choose a Specialization
04:40 – Learn About the SDLC
05:44 – Build Projects

Website Recommendations
07:36 – Codecademy
08:20 – freeCodeCamp
08:41 – Edabit
09:32 – CodinGame
10:33 – W3Schools
11:21 – General Assembly Dash

12:04 – Outro
Coding is a great addition to your skill set, whether you want to code as a hobby or pursue a career in the tech industry.
Many bootcamps and online courses are available to help you learn and practice from the comfort of your home. But if you’re wondering how to learn to code, here are the steps to take:
👉 Set Your Goals
Knowing your goals can help you evaluate the code learning progress and your estimated learning time to spare.

👉 Learn Programming Languages
Learn procedural languages before learning other popular programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, or Phyton. It will help you understand and get used to the fundamentals of code.

👉 Get to Know the Tools
First, you can write code using a simple text editor. When confident in your coding skills, move on to an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Once you’ve gotten more familiar with code writing, you can use frameworks like React or Laravel.

👉 Choose a Specialization
It’s impossible to master all programming languages. So, choose a specialization and be an expert in that field.

👉 Learn About the SLDC
It’s the process of how software is made, from planning to deployment.

👉 Build Projects
Build a portfolio with all your projects and network with other programmers.
Now that you know how to learn to code, here are our website recommendations:
👍 Codecademy
Codecademy offers many programming languages and courses.

👍 freeCodeCamp
freeCodeCamp is a free learning resource that allows you to practice directly with other affiliated non-profit organizations.

👍 Edabit
Edabit is a gamification website where you can test your coding knowledge by answering quizzes.

👍 CodinGame
CodinGame challenges your coding skills through a video game interface, where you can play with your friends and get featured on a leaderboard.

👍 W3Schools
W3Schools is an interactive website for learning code with an online code editor that lets you practice coding on a split-screen.

👍 General Assembly Dash
This website is perfect for those who learn code to build a career as a web developer. It lets you solve problems and write code according to fictional customers’ requests.

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