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What Is Malware | Explained

Learn what is malware, how it works, some of the most common types of malware, and how to protect your devices and websites. Start your online journey now with Hostinger web hosting 👉 💥 Use the discount code HA10 to get 10% OFF!

Malware disrupts the normal function of devices, systems, networks, and websites, causing operational and financial losses for the victims. This video will discuss what is malware, how it works, the most common types of malware, and provide some tips to protect you from them.

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🕒 Timestamps

00:00 – Intro
00:09 – What Is Malware?
01:19 – How Does Malware Work?
02:26 – Most Common Types of Malware
05:55 – Website Malware
07:17 – How to Protect Yourself Against Malware
09:13 – Outro

📌 What Is Malware?
Malware is malicious software designed to disable or damage the normal function of devices, systems, networks, and websites. Cyber criminals use it for various purposes, from disrupting business operations to gaining financial profit.
📌 How Does Malware Work?
Malware spreads from one source to another via:
✅ Email attachments
✅ Phishing emails
✅ Installation of fake software
✅ Infected apps
✅ Infected websites
✅ Removable devices, e.g., USB drives
It typically involves a link with a message that prompts you to take immediate action.
Once you click on that link or download a suspicious attachment, malware installation will occur. Then, its payload will run its malicious tasks, such as encrypting your data, installing a keylogger application, or spamming your browser with ads.
📌 Most Common Types of Malware
✅ Viruses
✅ Trojans
✅ Worms
✅ Ransomware
✅ Spyware
✅ Adware
✅ Scareware
✅ Fileless malware
📌 Website Malware
Website malware is harmful software that targets a website, a web server, or its visitors. It has various purposes, from redirecting visitors to malicious web pages to hijacking a website.
📌 How to Protect Yourself Against Malware
Apart from understanding what is malware and the most common types of malware out there, you also need to know how to avoid an infection:
✅ Pay attention to what you open and download online
✅ Be careful with online purchases
✅ Perform regular check-ups and backups
✅ Keep an eye on your devices, networks, and websites
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