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How to Do Keyword Research for SEO | Keyword Research Tutorial

Find out how to do keyword research for SEO by following five simple steps. Start your online journey with Hostinger web hosting 👉
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Our keyword research tutorial explains step-by-step the process of finding the best keyword for your content. Apart from teaching you how to do keyword research for SEO, we also share tips and best practices.
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🕒 Timestamps
00:00 – Introduction
00:12 – Why is keyword research important
00:53 – Brainstorm keywords
01:38 – Find an SEO tool
02:22 – Start the keyword research
04:10 – Understand the search intent
05:48 – Check search engines
07:33 – Tips on keyword research
08:34 – Outro
The keyword research process involves finding the most relevant words or phrases your target audience uses in search queries.
By following this keyword research tutorial, you will be able to understand your audience better and also improve your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.
So, here is how to do keyword research for SEO:
1️⃣ Brainstorm Keywords
Learn how to find seed keywords for your website. These are keywords that act as a base to expand your content.
2️⃣ Find an SEO Tool
Various free and premium keyword research tools are available online, such as Google Keyword and Ahrefs. Follow this keyword research tutorial to learn how to use Ahrefs.
3️⃣ Start the Keyword Research
Insert the seed keywords to find more information about the keyword difficulty and search volume. Look at the related words and phrases to expand your research.
4️⃣ Understand the Search Intent
Search intent is a user’s primary goal when typing a query in a search engine. The three main types of search intent are:
👉 Informational
👉 Navigational
👉 Transactional
To choose which keyword works best for your website, consider the following elements:
👉 Type of website
👉 Brand reputation and authority
👉 Target audience
👉 Goals
5️⃣ Check Search Engines
Look at the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to see the ranking websites. This will help you decide what type of content you should create with the keyword.
🟪 Tips on Keyword Research
👉 New websites should start with long-tail keywords
👉 Analyze the keywords your competitors use
👉 Prioritize your audience’s needs
Follow these five steps on how to do keyword research for SEO to improve your rankings and understand your audience better. Let us know how the process goes in the comment section below! 🚀
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