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🔥Microsoft Azure Full Course For 2022 | Microsoft Azure Interview Questions | Azure | Simplilearn

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This YouTube live video on Microsoft Azure is curated in collaboration with real-time industry experts. This Azure Full Course will touch upon the basics of Cloud Computing and Azure to enlighten you on the fundamentals of cloud and azure, ensuring you can brush up your knowledge on Tools, Frameworks, Skills, Techniques, Tips, and Tricks to become a master of Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing Engineer.

We will be having such sessions going forward. Stay Tuned!

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About Simplilearn Microsoft Azure course:
Simplilearn’s Developing Microsoft® Azure Solutions (70-532) certification training program is designed to give you mastery of the Microsoft Azure enterprise-grade cloud platform. Through demos & practical applications, you’ll learn to design, develop, implement, automate, and monitor resilient and scalable cloud solutions on the Azure platform. The course will enable you to explore the Microsoft Azure development environment and Azure platform features and learn development tools, techniques, and approaches to build and deploy cloud apps.

What skills will you learn from this Azure certification training course?
By the end of this Azure certification course, you will be able to:
✅ Design and implement Web Apps
✅ Create and manage virtual machines
✅ Design and implement cloud services
✅ Design and implement a storage strategy
✅ Manage application and network services

Who should take up this Microsoft Azure certification training course?
This course is an essential requirement for those developers who need a strong understanding of concepts and practices related to cloud app development & deployment. Applicable careers include:
✅ .NET Developers
✅ Solution Architects/ Team Leads
✅ DevOps Engineers / Application Engineers / QA Engineers

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