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How Carrie Forest Rebuilt Her Food Blog With SEO To Reach $20k+ Per Month

Carrie Forest is a successful food blogger and the latest guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast. Carrie started her website in 2009 and, for almost ten years, paid no attention to SEO or monetization and only wrote blog posts as a hobby.

In 2018 she had an ‘aha’ moment, realizing that blogs can earn vast amounts of money if they receive enough traffic producing content people are looking for.

Her challenge was to resurrect a website built with no SEO or keyword research into one that could do well and make her a decent income.

Today, she chats to Jared about how she did just that.

Her website now receives up to 600,000 monthly page views and earns over $20,000 each month. Carrie walks us through how she achieves these results, starting with getting the site unstuck and making it one that Google loves.

She talks about the content decisions she had to make, her thoughts on Google Web Stories and how you can write stories to get substantial traffic spikes on your blog, plus a lot more. Moreover, she also discusses other aspects of building a blog, such as keyword research, link building, and updating content.

Other Things Carrie Forest Discusses during the interview include:
* What was holding her back from making money from the blog
* Setting goals on page views
* Outsourcing
* What makes up 80% of her articles
* Content tips for bloggers
* Structured data
* Who Google Web Stories are for and how to put one together
* Concerns about the upcoming banning of third-party cookies
* Deleting several hundred blog posts
* Updating more posts than you publish
* Plus much more

In addition, Carrie’s story, tips, and advice are great for those who have mindset issues with their blog. She’s been building the blog for almost 15 years, so she knows what’s needed mentally and strategically to be a success.

It’s another excellent interview from Niche Pursuits, with pearls of wisdom and golden nuggets of advice from the start. So as always, we hope you take notes and enjoy the episode.

Links & Resources Mentioned During The Carrie Forest Interview
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* Carrie’s Instagram –
* Carrie’s Email Address —
* The Concerning Future of Displays Ads with Eric Hochberger, Mediavine Co-founder –
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