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What is PPC bidding? | Free Digital Marketing Course

In this tutorial, we look at PPC bidding. What is PPC bidding, and how can you utilize it for your digital marketing strategy?

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There are three main bidding approaches on the Google Display Network.

Default bids
If you don’t set specific bids for your targeting, Google Ads will use your ad groups default bids. So that is the bid you set up when you created your ad group. Again, it’s okay to use ad group level bids if you have one single targeting type per ad group, because you know that reflects that single targeting type. So that makes sense.

Custom bids
However, if you have multiple targets in an ad group, you should use custom bids. If you want to add individual targeting to different targeting methods within an ad group, you can set up custom bids on each targeting options for the GDN. For example, you can set a max CPC bid on a specific placement. So, if you’re targeting, for example, household topics, and then you go into your automatic placements, you can deep dive into the top-performing placements within that topic and bid more for those targets. That will be a way of using custom bids to optimize your performance.

So you can only use custom bids on one targeting method per ad group. So it’s important that, you know, you can’t use custom bids on topics and another set of custom bids on audiences. It’s usually your second-tier targeting within the targeting of the ad group.

Bid adjustments
Bid adjustments are what you can use across all of the Google Suite. So you can bid for certain devices or locations. But where it’s important for display is, you can bid on certain audience types or demographic. So, for example, if you’ve doubled up on audience and contextual targeting, you might say, “I want to target people who are in the market for SEO and SEM services, but I’m willing to pay 10% more if they’re on a website that contains the topic SEO or SEM.”

So what you’re saying is, “I’m able to bid for my audience, but I’m willing to bid a bit more if they’re on the type of content that is most relevant to my audience and my product.” This gives us a lot more control in the definition and targeting and acquisition of the most relevant audiences at the most important time beside most relevant content.

Bidding strategy
Our bidding strategy is essential to understand what we’re going to pay. So it’s important to develop a bidding strategy because a well-developed bidding strategy will ensure that your ad group and your targeting is working at its most competitive, driving the right ad, at the right placement, to the right person, on the right device, at the right time.

00:00 DSPs and SSPs
02:10 Default bids, custom bids, bid adjustments
04:38 Bidding strategies
05:49 Bid adjustments by device

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