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What is target audience research? | Free Digital Marketing Course

Target audience research. In this tutorial, we go into what is target audience research in terms of digital marketing, and look at the data types, Demographics, Psychographics and Behavioral data,

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Definition and benefits:

The main research that all marketers use before even thinking about the campaign is audience research. Audience research is designed to establish the size, composition, and characteristics of a group of individuals who are, or could be, potential customers. It’s important to note that this research is about the people and individuals who make up your target audience.


The goal of all audience research is to find consumer insights that can help you deliver on your campaign or business objectives. Because the goal of a digital marketing strategy is to influence the buyer’s journey, marketers need to connect with the audience by knowing what they think, how they behave, and how they live their lives. You should know your audience as well as you know your best friend!


One of the key benefits of conducting audience research is the ability to identify obstacles. For example, are other brands trying to communicate with your audience but not experiencing much success? Why? By being aware of such obstacles you can then develop appropriate, personalized content that is more relevant to your audience. Moreover, you want to find ways to stay ahead of your customers and discover solutions that anticipate future needs they may have. Audience research allows you to understand your customers and ultimately makes you more effective in delivering your digital marketing strategy by catering to their needs.

Data types:

Before we examine the various tools available to us, let’s look at the data that you’ll want to gather when you conduct audience research.

We have three types of data:

– Demographic
– Psychographics
– Behavioral

You want to have a good understanding of the three of these because each of them will give you different insights into your audience.

00:00 What is audience research?
01:00 Benefits of audience research
01:48 Buyer personas
02:15 Audience research data
02:43 Demographics
03:46 Psychographics
04:53 Behavioural data

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