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How Jacky Chou Makes Over $60k Per Month From a Portfolio of Starter Sites

Jacky Chou is today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits interview. Jacky is the founder of Indexy — a successful SEO agency. He is also a very successful website builder with a portfolio of around 35 websites.

The interview starts with Jacky talking about his background and how he got started online. From dropshipping to eCommerce, he has built lots of profitable businesses. Today, on the podcast, he shares some great tips for anyone looking to get started, and in particular, those looking to scale or grow an online business.

Most of the conversation focuses on the website building aspect, and with well over 30 sites, he has a lot of wisdom and knowledge in the game to share.

Jacky talks about how he scales his business, buys starter websites, creates content, builds links, and how he manages to operate a portfolio of so many websites.

In addition, Jared and Jacky Chou discuss some of his other successes, including Amazon FBA, private label branding, and selling websites.

Other topics discussed with Jacky Chou include:
* The type of websites he buys (Hint — they don’t always have to be making money)
* What to look for in a starter site
* Approach to Link building and what he believes Google thinks about links
* First and second-tier linking
* How he manages and scales the business
* Content process and strategy
* Does speed matter with SEO?
* You don’t need to produce lots of content
* Risk mitigation framework
* Where to find starter sites
* Dealing with Google core updates
* Private label selling 
* Taking profit from one business to build others
* Plus much more

Towards the end of the interview, Jared throws some questions at Jacky and asked him what he thinks is essential for ranking today — i.e., expertise, custom imagery, video production, speed, etc.

Finally, Jacky gives us a glimpse of a day in his life and offers advice on diversification, time management, quitting your day job, and, very importantly, when not to quit your job. Whether building websites at scale or not, you will learn a ton from Jacky.

As always, take notes and enjoy the episode. 
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