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Paid social media | How to master it | Free Digital Marketing Course

In this free digital marketing course, we look at paid social media and media buying. What is it? And how do you do it?

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Paid social advertising has been one of the fastest growing digital media channels; every year it’s increasing its numbers. But what’s most important about it is that it’s also the most cost-efficient form of digital media. Now that doesn’t necessarily say that it’s cost-effective for the actual impact, but it is cost-effective for the action. If you want a video view or a click or an engagement, the cheapest place you’re going to get that is through social channels.

And every single one of them has different values on your plan and there are different characteristics.

In a separate module, we’ve actually addressed media buying more specifically. Here, we’ll recap the key watch-outs for the media buying process.

– You have your media plan. You know investment by month, you know what content is available, and you know what formats are there, you know when it’s going live.
– On each platform, you need to set up your campaigns with your objectives. Is it for video or is it for site visits?
– Make sure that you implement within the target audience that’s been outlined at every phase of this so far. We know exactly who we want to talk to, we know their interests, we know how to target them by interest, and we know their demographics. Make sure that all this information is going into the campaign.
– We set our budgets and timeline for the spend based on what’s allocated on our media plan.
– And then while live, it’s important to check your spends regularly for performance. Identify content that’s not working and content that could be optimized. Make sure that, as it’s live, you’re learning and you’re iterating your spends, to make sure that you’re spending towards things that are actually working and moving away from things that aren’t working.

This again revolves around accountability. Make that at every stage of the day, you know who is responsible for actually feeding back to you these results. Now you can actually set up ways that the reporting can happen either daily. It might happen multiple times in the week and you can actually set up ways that the reports are automatically set to you through the different channels.

00:00 Implementing paid advertising
06:06 Paid advertising channels

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