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SEO Objectives – How to Set them | Free Digital Marketing Course

SEO Objectives are vitally important to your SEO success. In this Free lesson we cover how to set your objectives and goals.

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Importance of SEO objectives
We’ll first review the importance of setting SEO objectives.

They encourage buy-in from key stakeholders
The first one’s really important. So let’s imagine you’ve got a marketing manager as your boss or maybe the marketing director, or possibly, you even report to the CEO, maybe even you run an agency and your stakeholders might be your clients.

But from my experience, for SEO to really work, it needs to be embraced in the company. And I think, historically, for some reason, SEO has built up this reputation of being a bit of a dark arts. And for those that don’t really understand SEO truly, people do think of it that way. It’s this black box where magic happens and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work.

And really your goal is to inform the stakeholders who are responsible for SEO in some way, how SEO works. And what I would advise maybe doing is after you’ve done this course, is just to summarize how SEO works and maybe even present it to someone. It could be a friend, or it could actually be one of the stakeholders in the business.

They help to formulate your SEO strategy
The second reason why SEO objective is important is they really help formulate to your SEO strategy. So, if you don’t know where you’re heading, it’s very difficult to actually get to that place. And if you think about it, when you go into a car and you want to go on a long journey, you might use some sat nav to tell you how to get to that destination.

But if you can’t put in the destination that you want to get to, you’re going to find it very difficult to get there. And it’s similar with SEO. We need to set objectives so we can be clear where we want to get to, and we can actually move in that direction.

00:00 Types of SEO Objectives
02:20 What SEO objectives should you measure

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