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How Jamie I.F. Earns Over $30k Per Month From Affiliate Websites

Jamie I.F. is today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits interview. Jamie started to learn SEO during an internship while studying in university. This internship led him on a path to success, and today, he has several affiliate websites earning him over $30,000 each month.

Most of his income comes from two websites, with the others being starter sites. And he is averaging around 220,000 page views for a website he launched less than four years ago.

With around 420 articles, it’s exciting to hear his thoughts regarding strategy and how the site evolved over the years.

He shares in-depth advice on all aspects of building a successful affiliate website, ranging from how he verifies and decides on a niche market to his thoughts on retiring once he earns enough money β€” no stone is left unturned. Jamie truly goes in deep on the topics.

Moreover, we get insight and strategy for keyword research, tools he uses in his business, and his unique approach to targeting competitive keywords.

A big part of Jamie’s success and the process is through creating great content, and some of the advice and tips he shares will help many of you looking to get traffic with content marketing.

He shares profound advice on creating great introductions to articles and the importance of great titles. In addition, he has a five-step approach to creating content with a psychological approach included.

Some of the Other Topics Discusses With Jamie I.F. include:
* Niche verification
* How to produce affiliate-style content
* Outline approach for updating old contentΒ 
* How to create the best workable introductions
* Structure of an affiliate post
* His vision for building a team
* Mistakes he has made along the way
* Topical authority
* Thoughts on the Google algorithm
* The tool he uses to find keywords that other popular tools may miss
* FAQs and the benefits of using them
* Plus, a whole lot more
SEO is essential, but there’s more to building a successful site than just using SEO and long tail keywords and backlinks. For example, creating a great user experience also plays a part in ranking well and keeping visitors satisfied, and this is a big part of what Jamie I.F. shares on the podcast.
As always, taking notes is recommended, so have a pen and paper handy because there’s a lot of solid advice from a successful website owner.
Enjoy the episode.

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