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How Anne Moss Earns $200K Per Month From A Portfolio of 25 Sites & 5 Million Monthly Pageviews

Anne Moss is today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits interview. She has been creating websites from scratch since 1998 and has a portfolio of 25 websites, earning just shy of $200,000 each month. 

With around 5 million monthly page views and a staggering 1000 articles posted each month, it is fascinating and a pleasure to listen to what Ann has to say about her journey and the advice and knowledge she shares during the episode.

The interview starts with Anne briefly explaining how and when she started online. Then, she shares her thoughts on a wide range of topics related to website building, including how she selects a niche topic and the thought process she goes through, and various other advice and guidance on keyword research, RPM, managing a portfolio and much more.

As you can imagine, 1000 articles published each month is huge, so listening to her process for managing, creating, evaluating, and updating the content is fascinating.

In addition, Anne talks about link building in a way that may surprise you and gives her thoughts on growing a website from scratch and how to increase your RPM (Revenue per 1000 page views).

Some of the other topics discussed during the Anne Moss interview include:
* How she monetizes the websites
* Average RPM for the sites
* How she and her husband created a business plan to create massive growth during the pandemic
* Four key influencers for niche selection
* How she and her husband overcome the language barrier when starting out
* The number of writers she hires 
* Software and tools used
* Training her writers
* Her thoughts on what is working well in 2022
* Checking website stats and evaluating progress
* What she thinks about long tail keywords
* Why some keyword tools can be misleading
* Thoughts on video and images for the websites
* Updating content
* Plus much more
To finish, Anne shares her website portfolio goals and has some words of wisdom for anyone currently building websites — this is excellent advice from someone crushing it online.
As always, enjoy the episode and take notes.

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