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Creative marketing strategies | Free Digital Marketing Course

What is a creative marketing strategy and how do you make one? This free video lesson identifies the core components of an effective digital marketing strategy and explains how to develop an effective budget plan and measure the ROI for digital activities.

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Digital Marketing Campaign Brief Template

A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy


The creative strategy is one of the most important elements because it is the most visual element that will dictate the overall feel and look of your brand.

This is the documentation and understanding of your objective in relation to your audience and brand. Ideally, you are trying to develop a strategy that engages with your audience in such a way to deliver on your business objectives in the context of your brand values.

Now it’s time to take your strategy and build creative messages and ideas that you will communicate through digital. A creative strategy is the long-term approach of how you develop visual stimuli for your brand, product, or service. It dictates the theme, look and feel of all of your assets. The creative strategy should again adhere to the overarching strategy. Doing this ensures that all work is following a specific guide, targeting a specific response and cultivating repeat and specific behavior.

Remember, you must consider the budget when developing a creative strategy. It is important not to limit your initial thinking, but at the same time, at some stage, you need to draw the line and be realistic about your possibilities.

00:00 Creative marketing strategy concepts
01:34 The key areas to identify in creative strategy
02:55 Creative marketing strategy formats
04:13 Transferable content

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