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Too Many Ideas & Too Little Time? What to Focus on FIRST | Marie Forleo Time Management

Too many ideas, too little time? I know how you feel. (I literally bought *another* domain name this morning!)

In today’s #MarieTV, I coach an entrepreneur who works full-time and runs her business on the side. She asks, “How do you prioritize your time when you have SO many big ideas and very little time to implement things?” The answer is simple — but not easy.

Watch now and learn the ONE thing that’ll make your business 33% more likely to succeed, an unexpected cure for “shiny object syndrome,” and my secret to laser-like focus (even with ADHD). Plus, I’ll tell you what time I actually wake up in the morning.

If you struggle with constant stress and overwhelm from trying to “do ALL the things,” watch this episode, and then sign up for the Time Genius wait list ASAP →

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C’mon over to where we answer your follow-up questions after the episode.

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