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What is digital leadership? | Free digital marketing course

Digital leadership, what is it? In this free digital marketing quick course , we look what is digital leadership, and how you should you use it

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7 Traits of a Successful Digital Sales Leader

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Defining digital leadership
What is Digital leadership? Digital leadership is the discipline of navigating an organization towards digital transformation in order to stay competitive and agile in a rapidly evolving digital and social media landscape.

Digital transformation needs to be a part of your organizational culture. If it’s something that you’re trying to tag on, or if it’s something that you’re putting a 20-year-old intern in charge of, then it won’t be properly embedded or understood within your company.

The role of a digital leader

As a digital leader, you will:

– Set the vision
– Influence executives and stakeholders
– Create sustainable digital programs
– Hire A-players
– Define processes for digital excellence
– Track impact
– Optimize and continually improve

Characteristics of an effective digital leader
An effective digital leader is someone who:

– Leads
– Inspires
– Educates
– Enables
– Empowers
– Fosters partnerships
– Is accountable

00:00 What is digital leadership?
00:46 What is your role as a digital leader?
01:49 Characteristics of an effective digital leader
02:40 Burberry case study

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