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How Daniel Thompson Built A Digital Marketing Agency Earning $45k Per Month

Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast is Daniel Thompson from Saltwater Digital — an online digital marketing agency earning $25-45k per month based out of Canada.

Daniel has been a player in the online marketing space for around 12 years. He has built and sold numerous niche websites and FBA brands and now runs a successful agency specializing in SEO, PPC, and Website management.

He chats to Jared about what it takes to run an agency, including the pitfalls experienced along the way and some of the things he has done to make it a success.

In the early days, Daniel used white-labeling strategies, targeting the more successful companies, which helped him build his business more quickly. Moreover, he provides tips on what these agencies are looking for, how to find busy agencies to approach, and what to focus on when offering a white-label service.

Daniel talks about how he obtained more of his clients, mainly from Twitter. He provides tips and advice on Twitter marketing, including developing an audience, getting leads, and what’s working right now.

In addition, Daniel touches on the other platforms and strategies that helped him to grow the business, including LinkedIn & Youtube.

Topics Discussed:
– Why Affiliate Marketing Provided Him The Best Education
– Lead Generation
– The Best Place and Way To Find White-Label Opportunites
– Why He Wished He Worked For An Agency Before Starting One Himself
– Why He Decided To Build An Agency
– Where he Get’s Most Of His Business
– Using Content To Sell Your Services
– Building Trust
– Case Study’s
– Affiliate SEO Vs. Client SEO
– LinkedIn Becoming Like Twitter
– Gaining Clients
– 80/20 On What’s Working On Twitter
– The Importance Of Making Connections
– Tips For When Your Clients Base Grows
– How Many Clients Do You Need To Make Good Money
– Creating Quality Content
– Niche Specific Agencies
Plus More!

Towards the end of the chat, Daniel details the nitty-gritty of what it takes to succeed as an agency. He discusses systems, mistakes, and how to specialize in your business.
The great thing about this interview is that the advice and tips from Daniel aren’t only great for those interested in starting an agency but also great for freelancers and even website builders.

Once again, this is another exciting episode with lots of solid advice, strategies, and pearls of wisdom. As always, enjoy the interview, and be sure to take notes.

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