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How To Get More Organic Traffic to Food and Lifestyle Blogs with SEO Specialist Casey Markee

Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast is Casey Markee. Casey is a key speaker, author, and SEO expert specializing in the food and lifestyle niche. In addition, he’s the founder of Media Wyse — an SEO consultancy based out of southern California.

Casey chats to Jared openly and in-depth, specifically about the Food niche topic. Casy has carried out thousands of audits on blogs in this space, and today, you get to listen to him providing expert tips and advice on all aspects of ranking these types of blogs in Google.

Casey talks about the huge mistakes blogs make in this niche and provides tips on fixing them to get better organic traffic from search engines.

The topics and advice include content length — how long a recipe post needs to be, Schema, and the importance of utilizing it correctly, including the mistakes he sees and the best plugins to use. Moreover, Casey shares advice on optimizing images and the importance of using them as a food blogger.

Casey has a lot of experience with ads and shares advice and tips about ad density and the amount you should have when using ads. In addition, he goes into detail about jump links and their effect on the user experience alongside ad density.

Topics Covered:
* How Casey got into SEO and the Food & Lifestyle space
* What makes the niche so competitive
* The area of focus when doing audits
* The difference in SEO based on the niche
* What the successful food bloggers are doing
* Social media importance (examples included)
* Paid vs. free plugins
* What the readers dislike
* Can recipe cards rank in Google carousel without any other content?
* Structure of a recipe post
* SEO tips for a blog post
* Sidebars
* Recipe cards and the difference between recipe content
* Monetization methods
* Optimizing for mobile
* Thoughts on Yoast and Rank Math concerning Schema
* Plus, much more!

Toward the end of the interview, the conversation focuses on EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), its importance, and why it’s not quite as crucial as you think regarding the specifics. Casey also chats about links, social media, and in particular, if you need a social media presence outside your blog to be a successful food blogger.
This is another action-packed interview with lots of data-driven advice and tips. If you’re in the food niche or thinking about getting into the niche, you’ll get a lot from this episode. If you’re not, the SEO advice is also a solid primer for anyone.

As always, enjoy the episode, and be sure to take notes.

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* Casey Markee LinkedIn –

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