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Non-Sleazy Networking Strategies for Long-Term Business Relationships with Joe Polish

Joe Polish went from being a dead broke carpet cleaner, addict, and abuse survivor to founding Genius Network — one of the highest-level entrepreneurship groups in the world. What’s his secret to helping thousands of businesses generate hundreds of millions of dollars? I’ll tell you —
Networking. NOT sleazy, self-focused, superficial networking. In this MarieTV, Joe shares how to build genuine, long-term, and generous relationships with other human beings. Because in his words, “If you’re a person who cares about others and can solve their problems… there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.”

Jump to these highlights to learn:
4:44 — How to be a “giver” without getting taken advantage of.
8:25 — The childhood pain, trauma, and adversity that shaped Joe’s future.
13:38 — Where to find role models (if you don’t have any IRL).
18:14 — The first step to expand your network & create genuine connections.
21:08 — Why being a “pain detective” is essential to building rapport.
28:56 — The Million Dollar Racehorse lesson that’ll transform how you treat yourself.
37:30 — How to offer value when you’re just starting out.
41:20 — The #1 way to make people pay attention and take action.
44:49 — Why Joe took a one-year sabbatical from “workaholism.”

If you liked this conversation, you’ll love Joe Polish’s new book: “What’s In It For Them: 9 Genius Networking Principles to Get What you Want by Helping Others Get What They Want.”

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