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How KK Ezekiel Earns $18k Per Month From A Troubleshooting-Tech Blog

Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits interview is KK Ezekiel. KK has been building blogs and businesses since he was just 17 years old. He was earning $8k per month within a matter of months from the blog and $30k per month from an agency he created by the time he was 20 years old.

He doubled down on the blog (a troubleshooting-tech blog) after a Google algorithm update reduced his revenue to around $3k per month. As a result, it’s now earning 18k per month and receiving around 1.2 million monthly visits.

KK chats to Jared about the process he took from the start with the blog. He details updating content and provides the exact process he took to make his content worthy of ranking high in the search engines. Moreover, he highlights the importance of using Google Search Console (GSC) to discover the best content to update and raise your CTR (Click Through Rate).

The conversation moves on to keyword research, and KK treats you to in-depth strategies for finding keywords to target. He provides multiple ways to utilize free websites in combination with keyword research tools to find great keywords. You get step-by-step guides on finding keywords on sites like Reddit, YouTube, Quora and more. 

With over 1000 articles on the site, it’s no surprise that KK has a team of writers to help with content creation. He shares his system for finding the writers, keeping costs low and filtering out the bad writers.

Other Topics Discussed:
* The process he took to update 400 posts
* Traffic spikes from updating old content.
* Using Google Search Console to boost traffic and CTR
* How to find the best titles for SEO
* Using Google to find subheadings for your content 
* Spying on niche blogs for keywords
* How to pick keywords worthy of a post
* Percentage of articles that create the most traffic
* Targeting keywords Dependant on your DR (Domain Rank)
* Recommended search volume per month for suitable keywords
* Content briefs
* Plus more.

The conversation concludes with KK sharing his goals and aspirations for the blog moving forward and how the listeners can network with him. Once again, it’s another excellent interview with fantastic tips and advice from someone crushing it online. 

Be sure to take notes and enjoy the episode. 

Links & Resources:
* KK Ezekiel Twitter Account — @kksniche –
* Income Twins – The New Way to Go From $0 to $10k p/m with a Blog –

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