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Web Design Questionnaire 2022

Learn more about what a web design questionnaire is in this video. Build your client’s website with Hostinger 👉
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A web design questionnaire is a list of questions to ask your potential clients. It’s a helpful tool to ensure you and your client are on the same page before starting a website-building project. Watch this video to learn more about it, and find 15 example questions to add to your own web design client interview questions.

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🕒 Timestamps

00:00 – Introduction
00:56 – Why Should You Create a Web Design Questionnaire?
02:05 – Questions to Ask Your Clients
02:27 – 1. Please Share the Basic Details of Your Business
03:24 – 2. Do You Have a Brand Guideline?
04:20 – 3. What Services or Products Do You Offer?
05:08 – 4. Who Is Your Target Audience?
05:52 – 5. Please Give Several Examples of Websites You Like and Why
06:39 – 6. What Features Do You Wish to Have?
07:07 – 7. What Content Do You Want to Create?
07:49 – 8. In What Country Do You Reside?
08:40 – 9. What Are the Unique Selling Points of Your Business?
09:17 – 10. Do You Have an Existing Website?
09:50 – 11. Do You Need a Hosting Service?
10:35 – 12. What Is Your Expected Price Range for This Project?
11:18 – 13. When Would You Like to Have the Website Ready?
12:12 – 14. Who Will Take Over the Website?
12:48 – 15. Do You Have Any Extra Requests?
13:08 – Outro

Creating a web design questionnaire is essential for both freelancers and agencies providing web design and web building services. It functions to outline the vision and expectations of a client, and helps you to understand the project’s scope.

In this video tutorial, we will explain the importance of a web design questionnaire and share 15 example questions to include in your own before taking on a web design project. 🚀

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