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How Nate Ginsburg Acquired Centuria for 7 Figures: Due Diligence and Financing Online Assets

Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast is Nate Ginsburg. Nate has a background in Amazon FBA and Business Acquisition. He owns several successful businesses and has a growing portfolio of investments in other companies that he helps to grow and prosper.

He recently acquired Centurica – a leading due diligence company that assists entrepreneurs who buy web-based businesses. And he joins Jared today to talk about purchasing a business, dropping lots of valuable knowledge bombs for anyone looking to acquire a business now or in the future.

The purchase of Centurica was around six months ago in a seven-figure deal. Nate explains why and how he acquired the company. He highlights how he overcame challenges and issues with the purchase and what the company excels at to help their clients.

He goes deep on due diligence and explains what’s involved when purchasing a company. Moreover, Nate dives into the importance of the three main buckets — financial diligence, operational diligence and commercial diligence.

Each of these buckets protects potential buyers in numerous ways, so it’s vital to know each and how they can help you. In addition, they are used to spot red flags and to clarify potential great investment opportunities.
Nate elaborates on the above by detailing the specific red flags to be aware of when buying a business. Then, he uses his recent purchase of Centurica to share his thoughts directly on what to be mindful of and the risks to spot, which is super helpful.

Other Topics Discussed:
* Busting The Myths Of Business Acquisition
* Key Personal Risk When Purchasing A Business
* What Due Diligence Looks Like
* Customer Concentration
* Margin & Revenue Trends
* The Great Opportunities For Buyers
* Tips For The Best Businesses To Buy For You & Your Business
* The Different Business Acquisition Strategies
* Where To Find Businesses To Buy
* Plus, Much More!
Towards the end of the interview, Nate shares how you can finance a deal. He shows you the multiple ways to use finance and the pros and cons of each model.
If you’ve ever thought about buying a business (now or in the future) or want to learn more about the process involved, this interview is for you. As always, take notes and enjoy this excellent episode.

Links & Resources:
* Centurica –
* Sellerplex –
* Nate’s Twitter Account — @NateGinsburg –

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