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I Tried Selling AI Art For 30 Days

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I’m Jensen Tung, a filmmaker and entrepreneur with a love for self-improvement, business, and travel/culture. I share my life stories and thoughts through short films and vlogs, with the goal to inspire you to live a more fulfilling life. Subscribe to be a part of the journey!


In this video, I tried selling AI Art , or artwork created by artificial intelligence, by creating an AI Art business on platforms such as Fiverr and Facebook. I try out generators like Stable Diffusion, DALLE 2, Midjourney, and NightCafe. It was a wild adventure filled with surprises and drama!


1️⃣ Browse Lexica:

To get good at generating AI art, you need to first understand how prompts work. A prompt is what you tell the AI art generator to generate. Lexica is a site like Google that shows AI art and the prompts used to generate them. Super useful to find prompts you can use when generating yourself.

2️⃣ Try Stable Diffusion web demo:

Play around with the Stable Diffusion web demo above. It works just like Stable Diffusion but with less customization and lower quality images. You can generate unlimited images, so it’s great to experiment and try prompts with.

3️⃣ Use NightCafe:

When you are ready to generate higher-quality photos to use or want more customization when generating, try NightCafe. They offer 5 free credits everyday that you can claim. You can buy credits if you run out, or just wait until the next day to claim more.

4️⃣ Install and use Stable Diffusion:

Installing and running Stable Diffusion on your own computer will give you the most customization and power when generating AI art. You can generate unlimited images, utilize custom models, and features such as Initial Image (img2img).

Running a local version requires a computer with a powerful NVIDIA GPU. If you don’t have an NVIDIA GPU, you can still run it with your CPU, but it will be very slow (as shown in my video).

The easiest way to install and use Stable Diffusion is with cmdr2’s version. Watch this video ( to learn how to do it. Also, leave a comment and say that Jensen sent you! The video tutorial is really underrated!

Shoutout to Corridor Digital for introducing me to AI Art. Their video on it is a great watch (and also introduces Dreambooth, which is feature I didn’t get into in my video):

Another shoutout to Gilbatree for sharing his experience selling AI Art on Fiverr. It was useful during this challenge. I copied some of his Fiverr gig titles word for word. Check out his video:

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