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How to Write a Book (and Actually Finish It) with Linda Sivertsen

80% of the population say they want to write a book someday. How many actually do it? Only 2-3%. If you’re an aspiring author, this MarieTV interview with Linda Sivertsen will show you how to beat the odds.

Linda — author of “Beautiful Writers” and host of the “Beautiful Writers Podcast” — has written/co-authored eleven books, including two New York Times bestsellers. Today she shares the writing tips and tricks you need to get your book written and published already. You’ll learn:

3:26 — How to follow through and finish your manuscript.
5:47 — Marie’s “hackathon” method to write a book proposal.
7:20 — The #1 trick to writing faster and having more fun.
12:20 — What successful authors all have in common.
19:20 — How to banish “writer’s block” for good.
22:20 — The secret to landing a huge book deal. (It’s not what you think!)

If you’re ready to take your book dream from “someday” to done, click ‘Play’ now.

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