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How Jen Biswas Reached $30k+ Per Month By Shifting Her Focus From Pinterest To SEO

Are you side-hustling on your blog? Working on it whenever you can find time while balancing a job, family, or whatever other obligation you may have?

If so, then today’s Niche Pursuits podcast episode will give you an incredible boost of inspiration.

Jen Biswas has 3 kids, and when she started building sites, her husband worked 13-hour days. She only had a few hours each day to work on her own thing, but luckily she used that time well.

Initially she knew very little about SEO and focused more on Pinterest and influencer marketing.
Eventually, she decided she wanted to focus more long term. And that’s when she began learning about SEO. She used courses and help to learn fast and turned her site’s strategy around.

Her site now fluctuates between 250-450k pageviews a month, generating roughly $30,000 a month.

Since the beginning of 2020, she’s gone on to start 4 more sites using the same SEO-powered approach for an additional $5-10k a month.
Her story really has something for everyone. And she shares a ton of helpful advice.

So, whether you’re a new site owner – trying to reach job replacement income or a seasoned vet looking for cool tips and tactics that have been paying off, Jen’s experience will bring great value!
Hope you enjoy.

Topics Jen Biswas Covers
* How she manages to balance so many responsibilities
* Why she shifted her focus away from social media to SEO
* How to choose the best brand deals
* Her process for updating content
* Her monetization breakdown
* The affiliate approach that created a lot of success
* Her unique outsourcing approach
* Prioritizing her time towards long-term goals
* Why she started her second site
* The secret to her portfolio’s success
* How she grows her sites so quickly
* Whether she spends time building links
* How she successfully transferred underperforming content from one site to another
* Her strategy for succeeding with Google web stories
* Taking advantage of Google trends for topic ideas
* Why she decided to buy a website & the pros and cons of the process
* How she manages her portfolio of 5 sites
* And more…

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