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FIFA World Cup 2022 Winner Prediction Using Python | Python Projects For Beginners | Simplilearn

In this video, on “FIFA world cup 2022 winner using python* we will predict the winner of FIFA World Cup 2022 with the help of python and machine learning. In this *Python Projects For Beginners* tutorial, we will solve different questions related to FIFA and the dataset. By the end of this tutorial, you guys will have a clear understanding of how python is used for predicting the winner of any competition.

✅ 00:00 FIFA World Cup 2022
✅ 02:00 Hands-on lab demo
✅ 26:26 Q1 – Is there such a thing as home team advantage?
✅ 37:00 Q2 – Which team has the most wins?
✅ 47:55 Q3 – What is the winning percentage comparing when the highest-ranked team plays against the lowest-ranked team?
✅ 1:03:33 Q4 – What is the winning percentage comparing when the highest attack rank plays against the lowest attack rank?
✅ 1:12:13 Q5 – Do teams with stronger offensive scores have more goals?
✅ 1:26:03 Q6 – Do teams with stronger goalkeepers receive fewer goals?
✅ 1:27:34 Q7 – Which are the top 10 teams with the longest win streak?
✅ 1:32:02 Q8 – Better team win percentage as a home team or away team?
✅ 1:37:00 Q9 – which team has the best goalkeeper, strongest defense, midfield, and offense score?
✅ 1:46:50 Q10 – Which are the top 15 teams with a high win percentage?
✅ 1:52:16 Q11 – Winner prediction FIFA world cup 2022

Link for the data set:


NumPy is a Python library used for working with arrays. It also has functions for working in the domain of linear algebra and matrices. It is an open-source project and you can use it freely. NumPy stands for Numerical Python.


Pandas is a software library written for the Python programming language for data manipulation and analysis. In particular, it offers data structures and operations for manipulating numerical tables and time series.


An open-source Python library based on matplotlib is called Seaborn. It is utilized for data exploration and data visualization. With data frames and the Pandas library, Seaborn functions with ease.


For Python and its numerical extension NumPy, Matplotlib is a cross-platform data visualization and graphical charting package. As a result, it presents a strong open source for MATLAB. The APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for matplotlib allow programmers to incorporate graphs into GUI applications.


One of the most often used modules to modify date and time object data in Python is the built-inDateTimee library. In addition to creating date and DateTime objects, you can read and convert date strings, iterate across a range of dates, and more.

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