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Session Layer In OSI Model | OSI Model | Session Layer | Computer Network Tutorial | Simplilearn

Session Layer In OSI Model by simplilearn is a Computer networking-oriented tutorial that explains the working of the protocols and network model that is responsible for handling data from the upper layers and processing it in good useable data for it to transmit over the network channel under the working of multiple session layer functions.

Topics covered in this video on the session layer in the OSI model:
1. 00:00:00 What Is an OSI Model?
Introduction to the working of the OSI Model in a network model.

2. 00:01:23 What Is the Session Layer?
Looking into the fast working of the Session layer in the OSI model, responsible for securing and authenticating data in the model.

3. 00:01:53 Functions of the Session Layer
This includes the multiple functions of the session layer applied to the received data from the upper layer.

4. 00:05:11 Protocols of the Session Layer
This heading covers the numerous protocols applied by the session layer to the data for secure and safe transmission.

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