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Pointers Vs Arrays | Difference Between Pointers And Arrays | Data Structures In C | Simplilearn

This video is based on Pointers Vs Arrays. Difference Between Pointers And Arrays in C Tutorial will help beginners with a theoretical as well as a practical explanation of the program about the working and implementation of the pointer and arrays. The Data Structures In C Language Tutorial For Beginners will cover the following points.

00:00- Pointers Vs Arrays
00:32- What is a pointer in c?
01:17- Memory representation of pointers in c
04:05- What is an array in c?
04:44- Memory representation of arrays in c
07:29- The basic comparison between pointers and arrays in c?

✅what is a pointer in c?
-A pointer is a variable that holds the address of another variable to be executed which can be of data type int, char, array, etc…

✅what is an array in c?
-An array is a homogenous collection of elements of the same data type; similar types of elements are stored under one name called an array name. And also the array of elements stored in a consecutive block of memory.

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