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How Bjork Ostrom Gets 5 Million Pageviews Per Month & Built a Food Blogging Business Empire With SEO

Are you passionate about a particular niche?

It could even be SEO. Perhaps you know someone who loves a topic and can write but isn’t interested in learning how to rank websites.
These complementary interests could provide you with an excellent business opportunity.

Bjork Ostrom is proof and joins the Niche Pursuits podcast today to share with you his recipe for success when building niche sites and niche-related businesses.

Bjork and his wife Lindsay started Pinch of Yum back in 2010 as a food blog on Tumblr. They were as green as it gets and didn’t even know about WordPress.

But they slowly picked up the know-how and complementary skills for growing niche sites as they went along.

And today, their site gets between 4 to 5 million page views per month.
The how behind this growth is fascinating, and Bjork shares some of the approaches they’ve taken to grow their blog and multiple business ventures.
Here’s just one example:
They like to lead with Lindsay’s passion, interests, and understanding of the audience, before adding SEO best practices to the mix.
And so he discusses how passion and love of a niche is a necessary ingredient for your site’s success and why Google seems to reward these sites accordingly.

The interview is equal parts inspiration and strategy, and even non-site owners will get a ton of value from Bjork’s mindset with his 1% infinity philosophy.

So please enjoy!

Topics Bjork Ostrom Covers
* How their business is organized under the TinyBit parent company
* Diversifying cash flow investments offline
* The often unspoken ups and downs behind business success stories
* How Pinch of Yum came about and their traffic breakdown these days
* Learning important blogging skills along the way
* The importance of writing in a way that connects with readers first
* The business of food content and why they stopped sharing income reports
* How they built and grew a successful membership site
* Advice for those hoping to transition into full-time bloggers
* What WP Tasty is and the importance of schema for food bloggers
* Content updating vs producing new content
* Starting with what would help real people
* How they’re tackling E-A-T
* Balancing the art and science of niche sites
* Importance of creating linkable assets with an example of one that worked well for them
* The steps they take when updating content
* What Clariti is and how it can help bloggers with testing, monetization, and search optimization

Links & Resources
* Clariti –
* Pinch of Yum –
* TinyBit –
* WP Tasty –
* Food Blogger Pro –
* And you can contact Bjork directly at

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