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How To Build A Facebook Clone App Using React JS? | React JS Projects for Beginners | Simplilearn

In this video on how to build a Facebook clone using react js, we will take you through the login page and then the home page, and you will learn how to implement so many features of React js. Facebook clone project will help you understand deep concepts of React js like React Router, DOM, and many more. Also, you will see how to implement modules in React JS. This Facebook clone using React JS covers all the components that are useful, like Hooks, What is JSX, and how we can implement it.

00:00:00 – Facebook Clone App Using React
00:03:58 – Creating a React Project
00:08:09 – Login Component
00:44:41 – Header Component
01:20:52 – Main Page Component
01:43:40 – Output

Souce Code-
React is a JavaScript library that is used to build mobile and web applications fast and interactive. It is an open-source, reusable component-based front-end library of JavaScript. React is a combination of HTML and JavaScript. It provides a robust and opinionated way to build modern applications.
1. ReactJS is a JavaScript toolkit for creating UI based on UI components A JavaScript-based UI development library is called React.
2. It is controlled by Facebook and an open-source development community.
3. React is a popular library in web development, even though it isn’t a language.
4. The library made its debut in May 2013 and React is currently one of the most frequently used front-end libraries for web development.
5. Beyond only UI, React includes several extensions for supporting the architectural design of complete applications, including Flux and React Native.

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