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Data Modelling In Power BI | Types Of Data Modelling In Power BI | Power BI | Simplilearn

In this video on data modeling in Power Bi by Simplilearn, we will look into the detailed demo-based interactive session by a professional to guide you through the steps to establish a relationship between multiple tables in the database to achieve goals so that the expression returns efficient results for the user’s query.

The following topics are covered in this session on data modeling in Power Bi:

1. 00:00:00 Types of Data Modeling in Power BI
Data modeling in power bi is the aspect that governs the sharing and relationship between the multiple data tables and establishes connections between different columns.

2. 00:04:49 Cardinality in Power BI
Cardinality in power bi tells us of the connecting modes of the tables to share data among them and obtain an efficient result.

3. 00:07:22 Demo for Cardinality
Look into step-wise establishing of cardinality among multiple tables.

Data modeling in Power Bi is responsible for explaining the relationship between the tables and multiple columns to establish connections between unrelated data types to derive results for the queries that may arise in the databases.

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